It’s been two and half years since I opened by Evernote account and wrote by first note after a month or so just to make sure I write something in it. I have read a lot about how other people are using it and they love it like crazy. “Its part of my life”, they say. So I thought may be I am missing something as I had just written like 5 notes in my first year and that too were some random notes that I had added since I didn’t find any other place to add them.

So it didn’t work for me for another one year. But then few months back, I tried a different route. Earlier, I didn’t setup the framework at all to make it more sense to add these notes. There were no clear categories, no groupings to add context around what I was adding. I needed a good way of separating the contexts of notes that does not clutter my account but rather makes it fun to add and read these notes.

I needed something that allows me to group my notebooks. I found, the Evernote Stack. It allows you to create, well, stacks or groupings of all your notebooks. I started from there and first created the stacks that I want to write or care about. As I kept on creating these stacks, and grouping my existing notes into these stacks, things made sense to me. As an example, I typed this blog content under by Blog notebook within a stack named ‘Work and Tech’.

I must say, this app is powerful yet simple to use and does one and only thing: manage your notes.

My Evernote stacks