There are hundreds of blogs in the blogosphere that talks about software design, processes and methodologies, on how to write awesome code and be a better software engineer. But there are a few that not only excel in putting forward their ideas in all these areas but they give a lot more to ponder over.

Most of the people and their blogs that I am listing here, have their own unique way of pouring over ideas that makes you think hard. Some of them compliment each other, some contradicts and some are completely isolated that covers pretty much every point of view about software processes and ideas in general.

1. Martin Fowler Best known for the books like Refactoring and Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, he is the person to follow if you want to understand the magic behind developing software using good patterns.

2. Kent Beck He does not need any introduction but in case you don't know, he is the creator of xUnit family of testing tools and best known for his contribution to Extreme Programming and Test Driven Development.

3. Paul Graham The co-founder of the famous startup incubator Y Combinator who communicates through his essays, gives an amazing view of various aspects, from his early blogs on hacking and programming to his current passion about startups and entrepreneurship.

4. Jeff Atwood Another excellent writer who blogs almost anything and everything related to software and other topics. He is the co-founder of Stack Overflow, the knowledge bank that every software developer has to visit more than a thousand times in his life.

5. Andy Hunt If you are a fan of Pragmatic Programmer series, then you mush follow the founder's blog. His classic The Pragmatic Programmer book is the must read.

6. Joel Spolsky Most of the time this guy makes a lot of sense to me, but sometimes I think why do I even follow his blog. I guess I like to be surprised when I am reading his blogs, I don't know.

7. Steve Yegge Pure fun. Period.

I have few more that I follow but they are in my Google Reader Feedly, I will see if I can share that. Please do let me know in comments if you have any other interesting people to follow.